Saturday, December 25, 2004


Associated Terrorist Press

Anyone who reads the blogospehre can't help but note the growing disgust with the Associated Press, as it now appears that they are openly working with the terrorists, each to their own Machiavellian benefit. Power Line makes the point(s):

The AP is using photographers who have relationships with the terrorists; this is for the purpose of helping to tell the terrorists' "stories." The photographers don't have to swear allegiance to the terrorists--gosh, that's reassuring--but they have "family and tribal relations" with them. And they aren't embedded--I'm not sure I believe that--but they don't need to be either, since the terrorists tip them off when they are about to commit an act that they want filmed.
If the AP is openly hiring freelancers and paying them for pictures of murder and terror, why wouldn't the terrorist groups merely designate a few of their own members as the "official" group photographers? That way, they can be assured of getting exactly the pictorial treatment they want. The AP, and other useful fools like them, are merely a convenient distribution network to ensure that the pics will be seen worldwide. Bonus for the terrorists: the AP pays(!) them to be their boy.

Imagine what the relatives of the murdered innocents think of all this.

UPDATE: Roger L. Simon sums it up as well as anyone.