Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Can The Dutch Left Deny The Mole?

The Dutch have a major problem as they learn more about the death of Theo Van Gogh:

Perhaps the most alarming revelation was that an Islamist mole was working as a translator in the AIVD, the national investigative service, and tipping off local radicals to impending operations.
The problem? Not just the mole or the terrorists, cuz those can be dealt with.

It's what the mole's sheer existence signifies that will shake the foundation: i.e. that the terrorists are not just a group of misunderstood immigrants from a different culture who were driven to desperation by the recent misguided acts of the West, because moles are not planted by such people - only by those with a deliberate long-term agenda of attack.

The problem, then, is in the acknowledgement. To reform, the Left must now be able to say oops on a variety of difficult and embarrassing mistakes, on such fundamentals as immigration and assimilation. And I don't think they're willing to do this yet, if ever.