Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Canada's Gun Registry Scandal

Gun Control fans - bearing in mind that "control" is such a relative term - take note:

Many Canadians are versed with the fact that taxpayers were promised that total costs for the registry would be no more than $85 million -- when in fact the numbers are fast approaching $1.4 billion. Put another way, if the average Canadian taxpayer sends Ottawa $8,000 per year, it's taken 1.75 million taxpayers to fund a program that has little support among rank-and-file police officers.
To the best of my konowledge, not one crime has been prevented or solved as a result of the registry, and you just know the govt would tout such an example if they had one.

At this point, it's beyond parody. One has to presume a scam, and I can only hope the Auditor-General follows the money and reports back to the public, per the mandate of the office.