Tuesday, December 28, 2004



OK, this is just pure speculation at this point, but hey - if Dick Morris can do it, so can I:

"Condoleezza Rice takes the black base and she takes the female base that's absolutely essential for Hillary's victory."

Said Morris: "Rice is the only person who can stop Hillary Clinton from being president."
Problem is, Rice has never run for office before, and as Kerry made clear, you better not run a poor campaigner. While I think Rice would probably be OK on the stump, it's still pretty iffy to base your party's hopes on a campaign rookie.

My own bet, then (though I wouldn't bet much!) is ... Cheney-Rice.

But Cheney has a bad heart, you say, and so he can't run! Well, yes, that's true right now, but in an age of medical miracle and wonder, why would that still be true in '08? All he needs is a small change to his treatment regimen that is then pronounced "amazing" and he can run. Watch me do it right here: "Mr. Cheney has shown amazing improvement under his new treatment regimen. We see no reason he would not be able to handle the duties of the office." See, it's easy.

Cheney is a proven campaigner. Whatever negatives his opponents have ever tarred him with usually vanish in the first 5 minutes as he speaks. Gravitas and reassurance? He oozes the stuff. A histrionic Dem party would last about one week on the trail against him.

Cheney brings in the conservatives and Rice the aforementioned demographics that Morris has already laid out.

Just speculatin', of course, but it'd be interesting to pose a poll question along the lines of: "Presuming new heart treatments made him healthy enough to run, would you be willing to vote for a ticket of Dick Cheney & Condoleeza Rice?"

Hat Tip: Ace Of Spades