Friday, December 24, 2004


China Raises Minimum Wage

Mainland China (as opposed to Taiwan) has raised its minimum wage:

more affluent districts must pay a minimum wage of 684 yuan (US$82) per month, less well-off districts 574 yuan (US$69).

Most districts will have to pay the higher rate.

Guangzhou's former minimum wage of 510 yuan (US$61) a month became law just a year ago, on January 1.
IIRC, the average wage for manufacturing is around 500-1000 yuan per month.

Read the whole thing. It also notes how the poor are paying increasing attention (read, with envy) to the rich in China lately.

And did you ever wonder which US state has the lowest gap between rich & poor, by the way? Well, it's Utah, silly, where those Crazy Christians(tm) vote Republican in record numbers. Bonus marks: explain it away.