Sunday, December 19, 2004


Columbian Paramilitaries Disarming

I haven't seen a whole lot of coverage about this, but then again, it seems to be the sort of news that often gets ignored; maybe they need to add a car chase or something:

    Colombian paramiltaries listen to their commander before surrendering their weapons in the western province of del Valle, on December 18. Some 550 far-right Colombian paramilitary fighters turned in their arms on Saturday, the fifth disbandment in less than a month under the Andean country's peace initiative. More than 3,000 paramilitary combatants have laid down their arms since the middle of last year when the government's paramilitary pacification program began. The paramilitaries have killed thousands of people in an illegal campaign against Colombia's Marxist rebels.

By the way, both this post and the previous one, as with many others, owe a hat tip to the Khaleej Times of Dubai, UAE. It's worth a click of your time.