Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Iraq Names Names

Iraq's Defence Minister speaks bluntly and well:

BAGHDAD - Iraq’s Defence Minister Hazem Shaalan accused Iran on Wednesday of orchestrating terrorist attacks in Iraq, saying its neighbour country was the “most dangerous enemy of Iraq”.

“Iran is the most dangerous enemy of Iraq and all Arabs,” Shaalan said. “The source of terrorism in Iraq is Iran.”

The two countries fought a brutal eight-year war from 1980 under then leader Saddam Hussein, and lingering tensions remain, with many Iraqis still convinced that Iran is trying to undermine their country.

“Terrorism is Iraq is orchestrated by Iranian intelligence, Syrian intelligence and Saddam loyalists. The financing and training of the terrorists comes from Syria and Iran,” he said.
I wonder how much play this will get in the West. (Well, no, I don't, actually).