Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Merry Christmas Say The Communists & The Muslims

As various politically correct factions in the US work to ban so much as the suggestion of Christmas, for example...

Mayor Joe Curtatone issued a written release this week in which he apologized for his office referring to the city's upcoming holiday celebration as a "Christmas Party."
... it's instructive to note that even Christianity's greatest historical enemies don't seem to have a problem acknowledging its existence:

From the China News:
We are dreaming of a White Christmas!
From the Gulf News Of the United Arab Emirates:
Al Noor students’ Christmas Collection is lively and festive. The Traditional Al Noor Collection focuses on paintings by artists living in the UAE and students from the Latifa School for Girls. These include landscapes and symbols of Arabic culture such as the coffee pot.
I blame the Rule Of Lawyers for the current mess.