Friday, December 24, 2004


Old Hockey

It looks now like we're gonna lose an entire season of NHL Hockey. In anticipation and desperation, our local channels have begun showing old games, usually famous & exciting playoff contests of years gone by.

Their most striking feature? The goalies. Limited by the equipment of old - for the goalies of yore were indeed as talented and possessed of the same lightning reflexes as those of today - the goalies simply could not control the rebounds as they do now. I had utterly forgotten how many they gave up. Nice fat ones, too, right out where the forwards could bang away at them.

Wanna make the NHL exciting again? Cut down the goalie pads. It's that simple.

UPDATE: For those who aren't aware - i.e. all you casual fans out there who have a life - goalie pads today are significantly larger than in days gone by. In fact, there've been a number of rule changes in the goalies' favor over the years, but the pad size is the major issue.