Monday, December 20, 2004


Perfect Control

There's no such thing as perfect control, not in the world of public communication, at least. As any phone company knows, you cannot control what people say on the line, you can only cut off service for troublemakers after the fact.

Ditto for a blog. I allow comments on this site. They're normally unmoderated but if, for example, a death threat were to be made, I would remove it, as would pretty much any online endeavor, large or small, be it my little blog all the way up to the biggies like Yahoo & eBay.

But apparently some people think that's not enough:

NEW DELHI - Parent company e-Bay and Indian industry officials have expressed anger and concern over the jailing of the CEO of eBay’s Indian subsidiary in connection with the online sale of a sex video. The US State Department also has made inquiries about the case.

The US company said it was “outraged” by the police action, saying the sale took place without the knowledge of company officials. The seller violated the company’s policies and took appropriate action in removing the item from its site as soon as it became aware of it, the company said.
“The video clip itself was not shown on the site; the seller offered to e-mail the clip to the buyer directly,” an eBay statement said. “The listing violated’s policies and user agreement and was removed from the site once it was discovered,” it said.

Bajaj was arrested after he voluntarily traveled to New Delhi to cooperate with the police investigating the case, eBay said, calling his arrest “unexpected and completely unwarranted.”
This will probably be resolved with common sense, but it's scary that it could get even this far in the first place. Somebody tell me - what specifically did eBay do wrong here?