Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Coming Soon: Just Fill Out The Form....

Form MF-0001:Disclosure Of Verbal Contributions
Maximum Penalty:$10,000 per offence
Background:To ensure equitable participation, contributions to the political process, including the endorsement of political positions, are subject to regulation. THIS INCLUDES ALL CONVERSATIONS WHERE POLITICAL ENDORSEMENTS ARE GIVEN. Political positions include all issues that might reasonably be used in a political campaign. Failure to report is a federal offence, excepting only registered members of the media. “Endorsement” includes any expression of political position, for or against, whether a candidate or party was named or not. This form may be mailed to the FEC via your local elected federal representative, no postage required. Please mark your letter, “Attn: FEC McCain-Feingold Monitoring Division.” Additional pages may be attached as necessary. FEC judgements are final and may not be appealed.
Your Legal Name: 
Your Address
include zip code:
Date Of Endorsement: 
Positions Endorsed: 
verbal, written, electronic, other:
Size Of Audience: 
Transcript Available?: 

The above may also be used to report M-F violations. Please address to “FEC McCain-Feingold Violations Division.” It is a federal offence to knowingly file false reports. Legislation approved by World Opinion™, all rights reserved.