Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The Slippery SF Slope

Regarding Chris Nolan's synopsis on SF's anti-blogging legislation, legislation that maybe really isn't anti-blogging ... yet:

But here's the important part, at least for the short-run: Pretty much everyone on the board agreed that on-line sites like this were and are exempt. The revised version of the bill makes this crystal clear. But in speech after speech, almost all of the 11 members of the board said they didn't intend to regulate web logs or – like they would try – stand alone journalists.
If I read Chris correctly, what is happening is that SF is making a legal distinction between journalists and bloggers, as if journalists are a different (more respectable?) class of opinion broker. And bloggers aren't protesting, since - for the nonce - it doesn't specifically target them.

But the next step towards licensing journalism is being taken nonetheless, as predicted. This is not a good thing.