Monday, October 04, 2004


Questions For The VP Debate

Here's some questions for the VP Debate between Cheney & Edwards, with a hat tip to Lorie at polipundit for the inspiration. Since the two parties are relatively close in their economic policies at present, my questions concentrate on foreign policy and related matters, where the differences are more substantive:

For Both Candidates:

  • Do you believe that Iran is currently pursuing the development of nuclear weapons? Yes or no?

  • If Iran had the nuclear capability to annihilate America today, do you think they would do so? Yes or no?

  • If Iran had a single suitcase nuke capable of destroying New York, do you think they would do so? Yes or no?
For Senator Edwards
  • In 1995, we made a deal with North Korea where we trusted that dictatorship with nuclear power. Such a deal could only work when based on absolute trust; it failed. North Korea betrayed that trust, made nuclear missiles, and currently threatens Japan with them.

    You have recently proposed a similar deal with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and a country whose fundamentalist leaders consider us “The Great Satan.".

    So the question, sir, is this: why, specifically, do you trust them this much?
  • In 1998, Clinton's military chief of staff testified that North Korea did not have an active ballistic missile program. One week later, North Korea fired a missile over Japan that landed off the Alaska coast. What specific actions will you take, that the Clinton administration did not, to ensure that such an oversight could not happen with the Iranians?
For Vice-President Cheney
  • Do you currently believe that Saddam's WMDs have been destroyed? Yes or no?
  • Are terrorists raising large amounts of money by running drugs? Have you seen internal estimates as to the amount?
  • To what extent is the current level of criminal profit in illegal drugs due to the prohibitive laws in America?
  • Do you believe the War On Terrorism would be helped by an easing of America's drug lawsthat reduces the criminal profit and incentive? If so, by how much?