Monday, November 22, 2004


Chirac's $upport

Why is France now hosting the Baath Socialist Party and giving it a renewed lease on life, even as it (France) further intensifies its opposition to US plans for enabling democracy in Iraq?

Everything France has done so far has been for a payoff, not for France per se, but for specific elites and individuals within France: le betrayál, if that's even a French word (I'm a Canuck, but a Western Canuck, and we don't actually get much chance to practice our high-school French out here). So ... what's up with Jacques this time?

There's not too many who would bankroll the Baathists, are there? This is good - it reduces our shortlist as to who's buying off Chirac & co. My own bet is that the Iranians are behind the latest resurrection attempt. They might hate the Sunnis, but would rather deal with them later, after the Americans are gone. Priorities.

What's your bet? Chirac does nothin' without getting his price first, he's established that much. But who do you think's paying for the latest? (Bonus question: would it be better for the US to just buy off the Chiracs of the world for now, at least for long enough to win the GWOT first?)