Tuesday, November 09, 2004


We Do It This Way Because....

The phrase "multicultural society" is usually touted as a virtue unto itself, because one culture is inherently no better than another, as the theory goes. Diversity, once a means, becomes an end.

But culture is a form of adapatation. In the abstract one adaptation is indeed no better than another, but in any particular circumstance ... well, that's a different story. The proverbial fish with feathers comes to mind.

Earth's population has burgeoned with the rise of individual liberty and achievement, and the liberal (in the classical sense) democracy and technological innovations it brings. Give it up - say, by returning solely to certain tribal roots, for which we still retain no lack of instincts - and our ability to sustain population levels would swiftly drop to its former, lower levels.

Those cultures well-adapted to modern life and to each other can help us to survive and flourish. Those that are not well-adapted will do the opposite. This seems to be a very hard idea for some people to accept.