Thursday, January 20, 2005


Da Vinci Never Had This Problem

I'm pretty sure Michaelangelo never experienced this either:

A German museum is offering art appreciation lessons to Frankfurt's sanitation workers, after garbage collectors lugged away a public art sculpture recently and sent it to the incinerator.

Peter Postleb, head of the city's Clean Frankfurt initiative, claimed responsibility Monday for the case of mistaken identity, after garbage collectors picked up and disposed of what they thought to be construction rubbish.

Though indeed made from yellow plastic sheeting used to encase cement, the item was actually a sculpture by Berlin artist Michael Beutler. It was part of a series of 10 sculptures commissioned by the municipal art society and exhibited around the city.
Good thing they didn't leave their garbage truck parked there while they went for coffee - it mighta won an award.

UPDATE: Check out the first comment to see what I shouldda titled this post!