Saturday, January 29, 2005


Learning The Hard Way

Here's a question:

If the elite educational institutions are performing as badly as reported, wasting the students' time on political correctness and indoctrination in place of education, then shouldn't the value of such an education be in decline?

It is:

What's an Ivy League degree worth these days? Well, if you have plans to run a Fortune 100 company, maybe not as much as it was 20 years ago.


In 2001, just 10 percent of the top executives at Fortune 100 companies - the 100 largest by revenue - had an Ivy League undergraduate degree. That's a drop of 4 percentage points - or nearly a third - from the number of Ivy-educated execs in 1980. There's been some "erosion in the importance of an elite alma mater," the study concludes.
This trend looks like a good bet to continue for some time. One wonders how much longer the rest of the world will send their kids to the West for education.

Of course, one person's problem is another's opportunity....