Tuesday, January 04, 2005



How loony can the Left get? Oh hell, I don't wanna get into a contest, since there's just so many worthy contenders to judge from, but this one did kinda catch my eye:

there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. Three of them (two on one side and the other on a hostile side) are even firing practice shots into Western Australia, as a convenient test range." [or undersea Indian ocean, just to see what their power can do].
The idiocy of it all would be funny if it weren't also so serious, and if there weren't so many loonies who want to believe this stuff.

Why they would want to believe it is another question. I blame snob appeal.