Monday, January 17, 2005


Rather Polarized

Now that Dan Rather was given the politest bum's rush in media history, who will replace him? Please tell me it won't be...

Katie Couric A network source tells TIME the Today show co-anchor has been approached about the job.
The media is openly dividing into the usual camps, with the blogosphere primarily conservative (i.e. based on classical liberalism) and the MSM its opposite.

The blogosphere has always been pretty open about its leanings, in either direction. I don't think you can find a single popular blogger who will claim objectivity the way the MSM does, a claim that nobody believes anymore, if we ever did.

Which leaves the two camps dividing, like two neighborhoods, and the more that people of one persuasion move into the one camp, the more their philosophical opposites will move to the other.

Prediction: media wars, which won't end until bloggers start doing most of their own original reporting, a trend that has already begun.