Monday, January 24, 2005


Villanova Expresses Itself

What does it take to get honored by, say, Villanova University?

Villanova University on Thursday will dedicate a new section of its library to a star professor and student favorite who committed suicide in August 2003 while in jail. Mine Ener was behind bars after admitting she had killed her 6-month old, Down Syndrome-afflicted daughter by slashing the baby's throat.
And they're gonna honor her? Oh wait, look what she did at the University:
According to the Villanova University website, the school will dedicate a "Mine Ener Memorial Study Space" in the school's Falvey Library in memory of the professor, who taught in the school's history department and was director of the Center for Arab American Studies at Villanova.
Politics had nothing to do with it, as you can see.