Sunday, February 06, 2005


The Great Ships Slowly Start To Turn

Lost in the anti-US tropes of the Euro-Left is the reality that there are also some people in Europe who are indeed waking up and smelling the hummous: in Britain for example:

Only skilled professionals will be allowed to permanently settle in Britain under measures to be announced on Monday by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government, it was reported on Sunday. Only “desirable” professionals, such as doctors and teachers, will be granted leave to remain, and even then only if they pass English tests, The Observer newspaper said. Others who come to Britain on work permits will not be able to apply to remain indefinitely, and will be forced to leave once their time in the country has run out.
And The Netherlands, too:
Would-be immigrants into the Netherlands are to face an exam testing their knowledge of everything from Dutch language and history to its laws on topless sunbathing before they can take up residence.

A new inburgerings examen, or integration exam, has been unveiled as part of the crackdown against immigration after last year's murder of the controversial film-maker Theo van Gogh, who was an outspoken critic of Islam.


Initially the test will be required of foreigners applying for an immigration visa from outside the Netherlands but Rita Verdonk, the Dutch Immigration Minister, said she plans to extend examinations to people already living in the country.
Too little too late? Only a drop in the bucket? Maybe, but also perhaps a start.

How long till these same countries, still needing immigration, look to China?