Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The Grey Girls Of Cambodia

Khmer440 has a fascinating post on the "grey girls" of Cambodia, those who fell into neither the white (virgin, untouched) nor black (prostitution as the preferred profession) categories:

One night after work she is cycling the 5 kilometres back to her family’s wooden shack when a car forces her off the road. A [drunken] man gets out, whom she recognises as a customer from the restaurant. After striking her a few times around the head the man then proceeds to rape her.

After the ordeal, the man throws some cash at her as she lies in the roadside mud and drives off.

Pulling herself together she manages to get herself home and in sobbing hysterics she manages to explain what has happened.

Her father is incredibly angry.

As a punishment for allowing this to happen, her father beats her repeatedly until her mother finally manages to intervene, and her father storms out of the house.
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