Sunday, October 17, 2004


Even Sully Holds Off

Andrew Sullivan was once a Bush supporter until the whole gay marriage debate completely reprogrammed his neural net. He's been rabidly anti-Bush ever since. For example: "...Bush's cabinet is actually a royal court, in which criticism is simply treachery." Yeah sure, Andrew, that's why he sacked Colin Powell ... except he never has. Bush, if anything, never sacks anyone, which kinda kills your argument.

But no matter, that argument isn't what this post is about. The real point here is that Sully - as anti-Bush these days as anyone on the Left - had this to say about the election:

despite the assertions of others to the contrary, I haven't endorsed Kerry
Telling, isn't it?

You know, other than from his fellow Massachusetts senator (Ted Kennedy), Kerry never got a single endorsement from another US Senator until after he'd won New Hampshire and his Dem counterparts pretty much had no choice but to go with him. 20 years in the Senate and only one friend.

Bush has political enemies, for sure. But he also has friends; Kerry doesn't. How can such a man ever hope to build the coalitions he speaks of? When even the febrile anti-Bush crowd has to pause and say, "but as for Kerry, I'm still not sure," you really gotta figure the Dems nominated the worst possible candidate.