Saturday, October 16, 2004


Ignorance Of The Law Is Unavoidable

The EU has some weird rules that only a dictocrat (is that a word?) could love:

In Turkey it’s a crime to mention Armenian genocide. With the entry of Turkey into the EU, and the European arrest warrant, it will be a crime in all of Europe. Thanks to the European arrest warrant, one can be arrested for a crime which is not a crime in his own country, deported to the country where he has been indicted, and tried and jailed there. Although the genocide of Armenians is rarely mentioned, I’ve known about it for a long time. When I was a child a popular novel about it, The Forty Days of Mussa Dagh, was serialised for radio.
Something to think about the next time the Left screams about civil liberties. Honestly now, are you certain you have broken none of the laws of Turkey today? And France? And Germany? And...

UPDATE: Will these new rules also apply to tourists? I would presume so. Therefore, if I visit France, for example, and say something that might conceivably be a crime in Turkey - such as by even mentioning the Armenian Genocide - I can be deported to Turkey for trial? That oughtta improve tourism.