Monday, October 11, 2004


Polling The Terrorists To A Standstill?

Four new polls were released today.

  • Zogby shows Kerry leading 47%-44%.
  • Rasmussen has Bush ahead 49%-45%.
  • Gallup gives the lead to Kerry 49%-48%.
  • The Washington Post calls it Bush 51%-46%.
A terrorist, looking to influence the US elections, as was done in Spain, would not know what to do.

Bomb the US, and Americans would be more likely to rally to the president than to abandon him. The terrorists wouldn't want to push the voters to Bush, potentially costing Kerry a victory he might well have achieved anyway.

So they wait, just as they waited in Spain, until just before the election and the polls there showed a solid Aznar lead, before they attacked because they had nothing to lose. Except, this time, the polling shows too close a race to call yet. So they must wait even more.

May they wait forever.