Thursday, October 07, 2004


"The squirrel entered Canada illegally!"

Yes, it's true, sigh. Canada is trying to deport a flying squirrel. Sabrina, living comfortably and apparently disease-free in her "master's" pocket in the Canadian province of Ontario, faces guilt by assocation leading to deportation. She has big eyes.

The reason given was that "the squirrel entered Canada illegally." [...] It was stated that if the squirrel was not in their hands by 3 p.m., they would apply for an Interim Injunction to have Sabrina removed from Canada.
Was the squirrel a threat?
Public health was never at issue, and the decision by the Federal Court Judge reflects this.
Sabrina is also susceptible to heat-stress, but in October in Canada we figure that might not be the most pressing of problems just now. And besides, the courts have everything under control.

BTW, for you South-Of-The-Border types who were wondering:
Americans can STILL, to this day, import African rodents if they are to be used for EDUCATIONAL purposes.
I hope they don't charge for straight lines.