Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Close but no cigar

Two ships in the night Posted by Hello

TalkLeft posted a claim, apparently to contradict Cheney's claim that he and Edwards hadn't met. I was curious and checked it out.

Apparently it's based on the pic above. Well, if that's called "meeting" someone, then I'd hate to think what romance would be like!

Likewise, you, dear reader, & I have never met. But are you so sure we've never passed each other on the street? There's the diff.

This is why Edwards failed to respond when Cheney made his comment; he knew it was true. He & Cheney had never met, said hi, made eye contact and acknowledged the other's presence, as people do.

The desperate attempts to spin this indicate the Left knows how badly that remark damaged Edwards. On that, at least, TalkLeft and SuchLittleThings can agree.

UPDATE: apparently Daily Kos is posting the same pic, with the headline "Big Cheney Lie," presumably because Cheney did not detect Mr. Edwards as he passed within sensor range.

Kos, do you ever wonder where the "BushLied(tm)" mantra lost its credibility?

UPDATE: Apparently Cheney has mentioned Edwards by name in perfunctory remarks at a dinner, but as noted, they never shook hands, made eye contact or "met" in the traditional sense of the word. A friend of mine once mentioned Beyonce's name in passing, too, but alas for him...