Monday, October 04, 2004


Were They Gonna Attack Us Anyway?

Were the terrorists gonna attack us anyway? Yes or no?

I've tried posing this question at various blogs, the ones that have lively comments sections, and it's become a study in psychology, all unto itself

Bush supporters invariably answer simply. "Yes," they say. And whether you agree or not, this is consistent with their beliefs. It says that we cannot solve the problem of terrorism by "mending our wicked ways," as some suggest; all efforts at negotiation and appeasement become moot. Better to fight.

Strong supporters of Kerry, on the other hand, will try to dismiss the q itself as invalid though it's not, and getting an answer from them can be like pulling teeth.

And as for the middle-of-the-roaders? Well, that's tougher to figure out, since it's the partisans who dominate comments sections.

Give it a try yourself. When answering, please remember that for purposes of answering, "us" includes any democratic country.

I'd be curious to see what you think.