Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Duck & Cover Referenda

Captain's Quarters has a nice summation of the referendum in Arizona "that requires people to demonstrate their citizenship when registering to vote, produce ID when actually voting, and identify themselves as citizens or legal residents when receiving government services, despite the opposition of leading state politicians of both parties." [my emphasis] The measure passed 56-44.

To see pols on both sides lining up against a popular initiative is telling; usually they're the first to jump to the head of a parade. Until you realize ... they're using referenda the way the Left uses judges: let someone else proclaim the law, then say your hands are tied. You get what you want, and never offend a constituency.

And as for the referendum itself, imagine, having to identify yourself in order to vote! I wonder how many "unidentified" voters were in the 44 percent who said "no."