Sunday, November 28, 2004


A Question Without An Answer?

International Answer, discussed here in previous posts, is at it again:

International ANSWER has called for a mass demonstration on January 20th, 2004, the date of George Bush's inauguration into his second term, to say, "End the occupation of Iraq - Bring the troops home now!" ANSWER hopes to have thousands of people in a permitted protest, lining the inaugural route in Washington, DC, and there will also be protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco on that day. The ANSWER Coalition in the SF Bay Area has not yet announced its plans for that date.
IA often serves as the umbrella group that organizes all those various other groups to form a demonstration. My questions about IA remain: why would the the leaders of the other groups want to march under IA's banner? Why wouldn't they just organize the demonstration themselves? What kind of pull does a such a despicable group as IA have that it can be accepted as the de facto leader of so many other groups?

And most of all - why don't the members of each of those other groups confront their own group leadership with these questions?