Wednesday, January 12, 2005


My Favorite Michael Moore Speculation

Herewith, a speculation, bordering on prediction (confidence level, 50%). First let's start off with a recent report on Michael Moore:

The hair had been trimmed and trained in such a way as to head upward; the scruffy beard we saw only last week in New York had become one of those crisp trendy goatees; the guy was wearing a handsome dark suit and a tie.
I think Mr. Moore is a self-serving grandstander with little regard for even those causes he espouses. I also expect Iraq - the centrepiece of the central issue of the times - to become a democracy in a few weeks, which will further marginalize the Left.

So, my call is this: Michael Moore will do an about-face and try to sell himself to Republicans sometime before the '08 elections. He will see a larger market in R's than in D's, and will become fresh again in the eyes of the media, again increasing his range.

Don't laugh. I think Mr Moore would take a perverse delight in being able to hoodwink both sides of the debate, and, if the Iraqi democracy does well and the Dems (in '06) do not, he will switch and make a fortune by airing the Dems' dirty laundry. You heard it here first.