Monday, January 24, 2005


They're Not Like Us, You Know

If you heard of an organization with a name like "National Collaborative Diversity in the Teaching Force," would you expect them to judge a person on merit, or group identity?

I know, too easy!

A recent study by the National Collaborative Diversity in the Teaching Force found that the race or ethnicity of a professor was directly linked to the success of a student.

The study, released last November, shows that students of color often perform better academically, socially and personally when taught by professors of their same ethnic background.
Apparently this "gap" can only be seen in the, well, intangible areas that are graded subjectively. In the hard sciences and engineering, it mysteriously disappears:
"It depends on the course," Tyrone Cherry, a junior in biology, said. "If it is a science or math course it doesn't really matter, but in a class like history, race relations or any humanity course it may be better to have an instructor or professor of the same race. The student will be able to identify where the teacher is coming from."
At least Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson are still black enough to teach.