Tuesday, January 04, 2005


What's In A Name?

The guys at Powerline have a great point, but inadvertently leave the most telling conclusion unsaid...

"How the Left Betrayed Iraq"
it came as a shock to us when millions of people began demonstrating across the world against America’s build-up to the invasion of our country. We supposed the protests were by people who had no idea about the terrible atrocities that the regime had inflicted upon us for decades. We assumed that once they learned what had happened in Iraq, they would change their minds, or modify their opposition to the war.

My first clue that this would not happen was a few weeks after Baghdad fell.
Mr. Hasan's disillusionment with the Left is shared, I suspect, by a great many Iraqis.
Yes, and the reasons for the initial betrayal are pretty obvious, too. I mean, it was named the Baath Socialist Party, after all, wasn't it?