Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Meanwhile, Back In Nepal...

This seems to be going well under most peoples' radar but did you know there been a reverse coup d'etat of sorts in Nepal?

Dozens of politicians have been arrested since King Gyanendra declared a state of emergency and many more have gone underground, an opposition figure said Wednesday.

“We don’t even know how many of our people have been arrested,” said Shovakar Parajuly, an official with the Nepali Congress party, Nepal’s leading opposition political party. He estimated that at least 50 of the group’s top leaders had been put under arrest.

The arrests, which began Tuesday around the time the state of emergency was declared, were continuing on Wednesday, said Parajuli, who had himself gone underground to avoid arrest.

His announcement came shortly after the king announced a 10-member cabinet, one day after he dismissed the government, declared a state of emergency and sharply curtailed civil rights.
I.e. The King has taken over full control.