Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Sci-Fi Future

Wretchard is in a downer mood today, and speculates that the human race may have to run to Mars to survive its own demons. Of course, this presumes those same demons (we have seen the enemy and it is us) don't follow us there.

But as long as we're sci-fi'ing it, wouldn't the real solution be in redundancy? If our minds could be copied/stored into an external device, and our bodies re-grown as needed (presuming we even need those; the force be with us), then the danger becomes manageable. This has long been a popular theme in sci-fi.

If it comes to pass - and I would never bet against science producing tomorrow that which would be a miracle today - then the entire rationale for terrorism is defeated.

Running to the stars will ultimately prove much less practical than understanding ourselves.