Wednesday, February 02, 2005


What Eason Missed

Here's a story that Eason Jordan, chief news exec at CNN, might not have made you aware of: that Iraqis (the people Saddam oppressed and Eason dutifully kept quiet about) showed courage and sacrifice in bringing democracy to their country:

Abdelamir Najem Kazem, like all Iraqi policemen, had been warned to look out for the “clenched fist” sign of a suicide bomber.

But as he checked the man in a long black coat, he spotted a hand grenade and hurled him to the floor near a Baghdad polling station, according to Kazem’s commanding officier.

Kazem and the bomber, who was believed to be Sudanese, were both killed on the spot outside a polling station in the Al-Yarmuk district of western Baghdad during Sunday’s landmark election.

The world has hailed the courage of Iraqis in turning out to vote in the midst of insurgent attacks and threats. But Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has called Kazem “the real hero of Iraq.”
Eason Jordan might not do much to highlight such a story to you, but the Khaleej Times (with a very minor assist from Such Little Things) just did.