Saturday, October 30, 2004


The Blogs They Are A' Changin' ... Us!

Q: Why does Bush poll so much better in the US than worldwide?
A: Cuz the US has more, and more influential, blogs.

Two-thirds of Americans already do online research before making a major purchase. Why wouldn't we expect some of those to do the same before voting for president?

Women use it for research

The AOL/BWN study found that 84 percent of women say the Internet saves them time in every aspect of their lives. Nearly all (96 percent) of the women surveyed have researched products online
Men listen to it
Ages 18 to 54 with Two Thirds Men Internet Radio Listeners
Kids prefer it over TV!
The study looked specifically at the habits of people aged between 9 and 17 and found that nearly two thirds, 63 percent, prefer the Internet to TV and 55 percent rate the Internet above the telephone for communicating.
To be sure, there are also pro-Dem blogs, but they mostly recycle MSM talking points and preach to the choir. The Pro-Bush and balanced blogs are the new element in the equation, the one that makes a difference.

As for the MSM itself, it's in open decline, exemplified by the 50% per capita drop in newspaper readership over the last generation. Its credibility is sinking even faster: Dan Rather's TANGy hit piece, which would have been an effortless success ten years ago, is instead the butt of late-night jokes.

Modern liberalism should enjoy its world-opinion rankings for now. As the rest of the globe adopts the new technology, that same world will inevitably adopt the new attitudes, too.