Friday, October 22, 2004


Dowd: Dems Giving Up On Kerry

Maureen Dowd is a bellwether of the Left:

Dowd: Dems Already Looking Past Kerry to Hillary

While they still intend to vote for John Kerry, many Democrats are already resigned to his defeat and are looking forward to Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy in 2008, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said Thursday.

"I know a lot of Democrats I've talked to are really resigned," Dowd told radio host Don Imus. "They've sort of moved on in their heads to Hillary in 2008."

While the acerbic writer continues to fight the good fight on the Times op-ed page - bashing Bush with her trademark venom and hoping the charges stick - Dowd's off-the-cuff observations suggest she's given up on Kerry as well.

"Kerry's problem seems to be a Gore-like problem," she complained. "He's a loser even when he's winning."