Wednesday, October 20, 2004


To Mock A Soldier's Death

Would you make fun of a dying soldier, and openly mock their sacrifice? Some people already do: Kos & Atrios, both heavy-duty Dem supporters, have created Blogpac. Its purpose is to present the Left's point of view and their first effort is an attempt to perpetuate the draft scare, via a website called Enjoy The Draft, now being picked up by Dem echo-chamber sites elsewhere.

Here's what that view looks like, with a bit of their own sample commentary included:

"I look hot in a black body
bag, and I don't even work out."

I wonder how the families of those in Iraq feel about this? Or the families of those who died?

Now if you ask the site's creators, they might just tell you it's a "protest" against the war. But that wouldn't be the case. No, this would be a Kerry Campaign website by proxy, run by some of the largest Dem advocates on the Web. The purpose of it has nothing to do with protest, and everything to do with using scare tactics to win votes.

Here's a sample quote they use to make their point:

"I made it very plain. We will not have an all-volunteer army." - George W. Bush, 10/16/04
But, what they don't tell you is that Bush, in the very next breath, corrected himself:
"Let me restate that," he continued. "We will not have a draft."
I find it strange that I, a Canadian, now know more about the US military's staffing plans than do many Americans. I can only conclude that the constant pounding of draft scares and disinformation are taking their toll, and that's a shame. Young people especially need to know the truth: that these rumors, put out by the Dems via their friends in the media, have been systematically disproven, one by one.

As always, you are welcome to review some of those previous rumors, including the recent Democratic attempt to legislate a reinstatement of the draft, by checking out my previous posts on the subject here and here.

Kos & Atrios should be ashamed of themselves, if that's possible.