Wednesday, October 20, 2004


What It Takes

Captains Quarter's takes note of the UN's ability to handle Iraq during its reconstruction:

So the same countries that have been screaming for the UN to take over the administration and rebuilding of Iraq, and who have castigated the Bush administration for insisting on remaining in charge, won't lift a finger to support and protect the UN mission which they demanded. I'm shocked, shocked! to find such hypocrisy at the United Nations, as I'm sure everyone will be.

Had we given up the command of the adminstration and rebuilding, it's now clear that we still would have had to supply all or nearly all of the security forces needed in Iraq. The only difference would be that the mission would be commanded by the same UN that allowed Saddam to fleece billions of dollars from their so-called humanitarian program instead of the US, and we'd likely be looking at another Kosovo -- where we have sat in the same status quo for over five years without a hint of resolution, or even an agreed goal for which to work.
What he said.