Monday, November 29, 2004


A Bigger Cocoon

When we speak of the liberal cocoon, we refer to what is in fact a universal phenomenon, the tendency of all of us to isolate ourselves from contrary opinions and facts (liberals are just doing it more than anyone else at present, but it's still not exclusive to them).

Meet the new champs (though blameless under the circumstanceas):

Phnom Penh - Seven Cambodian families have been found living in remote jungle where they had been hiding since 1979 from Vietnamese troops who left the country 15 years ago.

The 34 hill tribe people, who lived off birds, wild plants and wore clothes made of tree bark and leaves, had been out of touch with the outside world since fleeing invading Vietnamese forces.
This story has not gotten much press in the West, presumably because it would remind the editors of the NYT and their followers that a lot of what occurred when the US left the region was not at all like a Joan Baez folk song. But it did happen, and it does need to be faced. History is our memory, and when we wilfully erase that memory, how can we learn?

Hat Tip: Santepheap