Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Jeb's Call

Will Jeb Bush run for President in 2008?

But last week, in a meeting with The Washington Times editorial board, Ken Mehlman, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, put Jeb back in the race.

Responding to a question, Mehlman mentioned eight potential candidates for 2008: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Virginia Sen. George Allen, Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, Arizona Sen. John McCain, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, George Pataki, Rudy Giuliani - and Jeb Bush.

RNC spokesman Brian Jones insists Mehlman was just speculating about politicians who are being discussed in the media. But Mehlman is not a neutral commentator. He works for George Bush.
Well, why would Jeb wanna announce it now? To be a pinata for an extra couple of years, thereby diminishing his effectiveness as Governor, even though he would need to run on his record at that job?

Also, the Dems are party divided these days. I'm expecting them to split eventually, with their Normals leaving their Loonies behind. When this event will happen is impossible to predict yet, but it's coming; the two groups are just too far apart. And since the Dem brand name with it vote-by-rote lifetime members is a necessity to the Loonies, they'll hang in there till the bitter end, forcing the Normals to start a new party in order to get away.

That'd be great news for the Republicans, to see their opponents vote-split like that (we had the same thing with our conservatives in Canada for many years, as they broke into two parties; they never won power even once while they were split and only reunited just recently).

Announcing another Bush entering the race could forestall a Dem split, however. Cries of "unholy dynasty" and such, echoed by the MSM (who hate any dynasty where the name is not Kennedy) might have enough effect to hold the Dems together for at least another cycle.

Jeb, if he might yet decide to run, is doing the right thing in every way by downplaying the possibility. There is zero upside for him or his party in his stating such intentions at this time. And besides, he probably doesn't wanna even think about it now. That can change.

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