Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Morris Dancer

Dick Morris sounds genuinely worried that Republicans might not accept continued judicial filibustering. Let's fisk a few of his better comments:

The simple truth is that the president needs the threat of a Democratic filibuster to save himself from his party's right wing. It is only by pointing to the threat of Democratic intransigence that Bush can justify appointing a moderate conservative, instead of a doctrinaire one, to the Supreme Court.
Does he really expect Bush to back down and appoint only Kennedy-approved candidates, and then justify it by saying "but guys, they mighta filibustered if I didn't!" Dick, please.
If the filibuster is made impotent by the rule change Republicans are considering, the president will have no political choice but to charge straight ahead into the kind of confrontation that could ruin his administration and give his party the kind of black eye from which it would not recover easily.
Are we to believe the Mr. Morris is desperately concerned with the well-being of the Republican Party? Or is it more likely he just wants to talk them out of this fight, for the good of the Dems?
The president didn't mention the word "abortion" much during the campaign and focused largely on his plans to keep America safe. To the extent that the vote was a mandate for any social issue, it was a repudiation of gay marriage, not a vindication of restrictions on the right to choose.
It's all about Roe vs. Wade, and Morris's concern reflects the Dems' poor position at present. They're losing this one, and it shows.

There's more, but you get the idea and can follow the link if you're interested.