Friday, January 14, 2005


Unfurling The Memories

LGF notes John Kerry's recent trip to the ME and titles it as "Kerry Kowtows to Despots and Islamists." Sadly, I think he's right:

CAIRO (Reuters) - Middle East countries are frustrated by U.S. policy in Iraq and feel too little is being done to end violence there, U.S. Senator John Kerry said on Wednesday on a visit to the region.


Meantime, Kerry admitted that the US committed terrible mistakes in Iraq. During a meeting on Wednesday with grand Imam of Al Azhar Mohamad Sayed Tantawi, Kerry regretted the difficult conditions in Iraq.

The Grand Imam urged all Iraqis to take part in the coming elections to be held on January 30. On his part, Kerry appreciated Al Azhar’s prestigious position all over the world, pointing out that there was a common ground between Islam and Christianity.

The Grand Imam of Al Azhar is on record supporting suicide bombing as a legitimate form of “resistance” against “occupiers.”

He has also said that suicide attacks against coalition forces in Iraq are permitted under Islamic law.
I hope people are saving these stories. They will be gold in a few years' time when Kerry runs again. I use Furl myself, a free service that lets you save snapshots of webpages. I only discovered it recently, but take a look. Imagine having a perfect memory for all major events, at your fingertips, with the evidence to back it up.

That's what this is. So when the Kerry08 campaign tries to talk about their new tough stand vs terrorists, we can beat them up with their own words from today. I mean, what could be more fun?