Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Ralph Don't Get No Respect

You know the Left is dividing when a philospohical standard-bearer like Ralph Nader is now openly held in contempt by many of them at his latest speech:

"I'm really angry at Nader," said Rachel Kiel '07. "I had hoped to forgive him after his speech tonight. But I still think that he's irresponsible. He put us all in danger by running and I want him to explain himself."

At the conclusion of his speech, Carl Mayer, Nader's campaign advisor, addressed the audience and in an auction-like fashion and began asking for donations to their campaign. He started the bidding at $1,000, which went down to $500 and then $250 when no one from the crowd responded. Patti Smith donated the largest amount at $250. Following the bidding, a collection box was passed around.


"Do not exaggerate the effort it takes to make change," said Nader. "Restore the rumble of the people."
They're rumbling, alright, Ralph.