Friday, February 04, 2005


Zarqawi (Accidentally) Strengthened Democracy

This brings up a point I've been meaning to mention for a while now:

Citizens of Al Mudiryiah were subjected to an attack by several militants today who were trying to punish the residents of this small town for voting in the election last Sunday.
The citizens responded and managed to stop the attack, kill 5 of the attackers, wounded 8 and burned their cars. 3 citizens were injured during the fire exchange.
The Iraqis are fighting back.

It underscores a broader point. The Iraqis who voted - and others who would have if they could have - will now be more strongly committed than ever to democracy, precisily because they had to risk their lives for it, sweat for it, and - as the story above indicates - fight to defend it.

It's something that never got much mention, but which amplified the importance of the elections all the more, if that were possible. I.e. Iraqis not only have democracy now, but because of the actions of Zarqawi & his curs, they are emotionally wedded to freedom more strongly than would ever have been the case otherwise.

Some ironies are beautiful.